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How much do you charge?

We base our fees on a number of factors including the type of services required, the time required to perform the services, the level of expertise and experience required, and the complexity of the work. The fees at Hedley & Co. fall into three categories:

  • Hourly based fees— For much of our work we are compensated based on the number of hours it takes to complete the work. We are happy to quote our hourly rates and to provide fee estimates for specific tasks.
  • Task based pricing— Our tax preparation service is priced based on the number and types of required forms and schedules. Pricing is based on the complexity of the related tax law, tax research and continuing education required to remain current on the voluminous, constantly changing federal and state tax laws.
  • Fixed fee services— For some longer term projects or commitments such as monthly write-up we charge a fixed fee
    Different types of services command different rates because of the expertise level of the people who perform them. We will talk frankly with you about our fees and put together a plan that utilizes the right CPA or staff person for the services you need so that the value of the service and the price of the service make sense for you. But when your tax return or project is finished, our service does not end. We will answer any of your questions during the year by phone or email and in most instances, at no additional cost.

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