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Pieces To The Retirement Puzzle

Pieces To The Retirement Puzzle

Individuals may have singular needs, but past history and a few surveys show many retirees have a few common ones, too. Here’s a look at two of them.


Challenge: Most estimates put the cost of healthcare in retirement in the six-figure range. This isn’t as surprising as you might first think, considering soaring healthcare costs — even with insurance — and the likelihood of illness and injury as we age.

Solution: Prepare for this expense by having the right insurance, including Medicare Parts A, B and D once you reach age 65, unless you are covered by an employer-sponsored health plan. Part A covers hospital insurance, Part B covers outpatient health expenses and Part D is prescription drug coverage. You can combine all of these through Medicare Advantage plans or buy supplemental Medicare from an insurer to cover deductibles and other potential expenses.


Challenge: Taxes can deplete your disposable income unless you know what to expect.

Solution: There are varied ways to limit the impact of taxes. Consider tax-free withdrawals from a Roth IRA. Invest to keep up with inflation and changes in your tax picture. Also make sure you don’t run afoul of minimum distribution rules, which apply to most retirement vehicles but not to the Roth. Move or downsize if property taxes are too high.

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